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  • Beauty Queens

    Lemii Tamang Biography

    Name : Lemi Tamang Birth place :-Kathmandu Birth date :- November 15 Occupation :- Make up artist Lemi Tamang is popular Nepali Makeup artist who holds makeup brush as magic wand .She is one of the best makeup artists of Nepal .She has her own makeup studio “Lemi makeup studio” opened up in Bhatkeko Pool ,…

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  • News and Gossips

    Sing and Win 1 lakh !!

    Nowadays , cover songs are trend .Everyone there is making covers of popular songs , either for fun or popularity .But do you know you can actually make money  out of cover songs ?? ..How ? The answer is simple ..by participating Palash Cover Song Competition ! Palash is new Rekha Thapa starer film produced…

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  • News and Gossips

    Singer Naren Limbu to debut as actor !!

    You all might know Naren Limbu ! An ex-member of popular musical band , Astha and singer of popular songs like ” Vanna Aundaina , K saro bhako , Suna , Angalney chuu  etc .He is all set to debut as actor ..Excited ? Let me give to details .. Naren Limbu has been assigned lead…

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  • Nepali Actress

    Aanchal Sharma Biography

    Name :- Aanchal Sharma Real name :- Aanchal Dawadi Birth date :- March 18, 1995 Birth place :- Kathmandu Debut :- Nai Navannu La 4   Aanchal Sharma is actress who debuted from Nai Navannu La 4 .She was casted along Paul Shah in the film and their onscreen chemistry in the film was highly…

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  • Nepali Singers

    Trishala Gurung Biography

      Name :- Trishala Gurung Date of birth :- April 30 Blood type :– B+ Occupation :- Singer   Trishala Gurung is  a popular singer right now . Best known for her cover songs in Channel Arbitary’s popular musical show ” Me and My Guitar ” . She is medical student and is currently studying in Nepal…

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  • Nepali Actress

    Keki Adhikari Biography

    Name :- Keki Adhikari Birth date :- December 17 , 1879 Birth place :- Kathmandu Parents :- Badri Adhikari (Father ) and Laxmi Adhikari (Mother) Height :- 5 ft 2 inch Debut :- Swor   Keki Adhikari is popular Nepali actress who debuted from Swor . She has acted in numerous films like I am…

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  • Nepali Actress

    Menuka Pradhan Biography

    Name :- Menuka Pradhan Birth place :- Nawalparashi Debut :- Ek din ek raat Menuka Pradhan is one of talented actress best known for her performance in Resham Filili . She is known for her natural acting and facial expressions .Debuted as supporting actress from Ek din Ek Raat , Menuka struggled way to become…

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  • Yea dnt knw y ppl r so jealous of him. Every1's gud in der own way y get jealous f odrs. If dey r nt gud enf lik anmol dn dats der own fate n its anmol's gud fate dat he's born 2 star family vit gud luks n talent. Its reali disgusting dat ppl r mocking at him. N abt film i think its nt his choice hw 2 end films...he just fulfilld his role perfectly. I think v shud b proud f him for bringing fame 2 nepali industry.. n in evry movie he has fulfilld his role. N i say der's no defect on his acting skills. Its reali pfct. N ofcourse he has been improving mur n mur. He's famous dn odr actors nt cz he's son f bhuwan kc..most ppl dnt evn knw his dad..he's famous cz f his own talent n luks. So guys chill... if ua reali jealous go n compete vit him wethr u cn wrk hard s him or nt in sch a young age.sorry haters.. bt dis is da fact. Wen ppl r nt successful demslf dey start putting odrs dwn.. lol

    by Chandra m.mizer Anmol KC haters went this far to troll him .

  • The way you see like a twinkling star. It makes me a price that you are from gurung community

    by aishma Gurung Trishala Gurung Biography

  • Trishala gurung I really like your style and the way you sing in am your Great fan. In my coming future generations I just want to be like you.

    by aishma Gurung Trishala Gurung Biography

  • Hey... Im in love this boy Salin ? He is Soooo #Cool ???

    by Uma Subba Salin Man Bania Biography

  • He looks very promising actor w.All the very best.?

    by Amrit Shrestha Aakash Shrestha Biography

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