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Aashirman DS Joshi , next expensive actor of Nepal ? Here is the reason why !


Aashirman Desraj Joshi is actor debuting from Gangster Blues alongside Anna Sharma . This new debut actor already at peak of popularity due to his good looks and his name connected to another popular debutante Ayushman Joshi . Gangster Blues is one of the most awaited movie of the year . The teaser of the movie just released few week back then and was one trending at #1 in You tube .The movie is said to be released from Bhadra 2.

However, Aashirman is already working in his second movie project , Break up .The movie is to be produced by Rohit Adhikari , who’s first movie , Gajalu was blockbuster in the box office . In a recent press meet , Rohit Adhikari confirmed that Aashirman will be playing lead role in the film and he is been paid 15 lakhs for the film .When asked Aashirman about 15 lakh for the role which is more than the popular actor’s pay and he hasnot debuted yet , he said he wasnot the one who demanded and it was offered to him .

Producer Rohit Adhikari also confirmed that he offered him such big pay as he was impressed with his looks , popularity and acting .He added that he will be  paid 13 lakh for his role , 1 lakh for wardrobe and 1 lakh extra if the film hits the box office .This makes Aashirman , second expensive actor of Nepal being Anmol KC first at 20 lakhs .Other popular actors like Saugat Malla , Dayahang Rai are reportedly paid 10 lakhs per film .

Lead actress for the film has not been fixed yet .The film will be produced by Rohit Adhikari , Deepak Khatiwada and Rupak Thapa .The film will be directed by Hemraj BC.



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