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Aayush Rimal Biography




Name :-  Aayush Rimal

Date of Birth :-October 29 , 1996

Occupation :- Youtuber

Birthplace :Biratnagar , Nepal

Aayush Rimal is famous youtuber of Nepal. Best known for his parody , funny pranks and songs bomb videos , Ayush has  50,000+ subscribers YouTube till date and his channel has 3million+ views. Also, not to forget his 45k Facebook and 20k+ Instagram followers.He is one of popular teenage star of Nepal.

Aayush was born in October 29 in Biratnagar and moved to Kathmandu when he was 1 year old.He then moved to USA  in 2014 after his family got Direct Visa.He was then studying +2 at Mega College .He couldnot complete his +2 here but joined Birdville High school in USA.He returned to Nepal in 2016 and his coming back was talk of the town .He was pranked in airport by popular pranksters , Pranksters Revival .


Aayush had blast coming back to Nepal .He was then busy giving interviews .But what dragged him to major controversy was him helding a fan meeting with entry fee Rs 250.He was mocked and made fun of in social medias and was named Mr 250.


He slapped the face of mockers by donating the amount he collected from fan meeting to Earthquake victims.The one thing that controversy helped Ayush was it made him more popular .He then pranked Nischal Basnet  with help of Swastima , which was a viral video indeed.


Aayush journey to Youtuber was a unplanned journey .It can be termed as passion turned to career.He says Youtuber Ryan High inspired him to make the videos .He started making videos after being inspired by Ryan’s videos.He initially started vbloging for just fun but after being praised and loved , he says he now make videos for his fans .He edits his videos on his own and for the concepts he consults and take suggestions from his friends.

Facts of Aayush You Mighnot Know:

  • To all Aayush girl fans , It probably be saddest news ever but it is fact that  he is in relationship .
  • He started uploading to his channel in mid 2013 .
  • He takes Ryan Higa as his inspiration,
  • He loves Youtuber Nicky Karki.
  • He got 79% in SLC .

We wish him all the best of his future endeavors.




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