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Glamorous Nepalese  is a site that aims to provide you biographies and news and gossips of actors , models , directors , producers , anyone that inspires you and have achieved in their own sector .We aim to bridge you from your world to their world .

The website was primarily a Word press site without it’s own domain . I started my journey back in 2013 . I was unsatisfied that there were no many websites supplying contents on biographies of famous actress and actress .I then started collecting information from their social medias , newspapers and  interviews and wrote article on their biography .First it was a rough start but my website started getting more traffics ..It topped google search list and even I got offer to sell the page in my asking price.I was overhelmed as I never had expected that to happen .

I thought to monetize the site .I kept proposal infront of my father but he rejected it said there is no scope and no need to expense on useless thing .But I dont care if I would earn or not but its my passion and I am going to do that .I acculumated money and had the hosting and registered this website .

I aim to give biographies and news and gossips of famous Nepalese persons . I feel they need appreciation for hard effort and work  they have done .They actually deserve a biography to be written .If there is no such thing in google , what would be difference for searching our name and theirs in google ??..

I lastly would heartly thank you for the support .Thank you for visiting my site .You can write down suggestions , any questions related to this website and about advertising too (I will be happy to get that mail ) at sakyagongui@gmail.com.

Have a good day 🙂


About Author 



Name :- Shraddha Shakya

Birthplace :- Ittachhen , 17 , Bhaktapur

Birthdate :- 1998 March 11

Education :- BBA at Shankardev College , Kathmandu

Hobby :- Singing , blogging , story writing

Aim :- To open Production company and to air Nepalese Dramas.




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