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Actress Nisha Adhikari and Cricketer Sharad Veshwakar to get married in Asar 18


Patch ups and break ups of Actress Nisha Adhikari with Sharad Veshwakar used to be hot topic in media .These two love birds had been in relationships for long time .Going through ups and downs in their relationship , they both did not gave up on one another ,which is why they would soon be upgrading their relationship status from in relationship to married .

These two love birds , initially left no one clue that they were dating .It was  in film announcement of Fitkiri , when they were caught together .After that , the gossips on their relationship was hot talk of the town .

These two fellows began their wedding preparation after they had a family get -together in a banquet in Kathmandu.The invitation cards have been sent to print out and mother of Sharad is already in hectic to manage all preparation of the wedding .

We would like to congratulate both of you and wish you  happy days ahead <3

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