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Anmol KC haters went this far to troll him .


The more popular you are , the more haters you get . Anmol KC is the most popular actor here in Nepal and no wonder why there are a lot of haters .Anmol kc is trolled in internet for his bad acting skills and calling him gay .The trolling in Facebook is normal these days as trollers troll like everything .Some are offending post and some are funny enough that you can’t scroll down without reacting Haha ..

The meme are made for fun .But it should be in within a limit .Its common that Anti-Anmol KC keeps trolling about his bad acting skills and calling him gay online .But this anti-fan of Anmol went too far to troll him .

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This anti-fan , don’t know if he was member or he signed up for Wikipedia for this particular reason , made hilarious editing to Anmol KC’s page .He edited , ” Anmol Kc is Nepalese actress and producer who is known for romantic movies .He always  died in his most of all films at last “.Now that’s hilarious but not really .

anmol kc wiki

The popularity of Anmol has reached India where one of the Indian magazine has posted a article about fame and name of Anmol KC .What if some of those Indians were curious about Anmol KC and searched about him on google and this is what they found about him

anmol kc troll


Hate is on its one place .But I found this really disgusting .For some , this sounds funny .But in depth , it shows how much respect we have for our celebrities . Pitiful! 



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  1. Chandra m.mizer

    Yea dnt knw y ppl r so jealous of him. Every1’s gud in der own way y get jealous f odrs. If dey r nt gud enf lik anmol dn dats der own fate n its anmol’s gud fate dat he’s born 2 star family vit gud luks n talent. Its reali disgusting dat ppl r mocking at him. N abt film i think its nt his choice hw 2 end films…he just fulfilld his role perfectly. I think v shud b proud f him for bringing fame 2 nepali industry.. n in evry movie he has fulfilld his role. N i say der’s no defect on his acting skills. Its reali pfct. N ofcourse he has been improving mur n mur. He’s famous dn odr actors nt cz he’s son f bhuwan kc..most ppl dnt evn knw his dad..he’s famous cz f his own talent n luks. So guys chill… if ua reali jealous go n compete vit him wethr u cn wrk hard s him or nt in sch a young age.sorry haters.. bt dis is da fact. Wen ppl r nt successful demslf dey start putting odrs dwn.. lol


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