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Anuradha Koirala Biography


Name :- Anuradha Koirala

Birth date :- 1949 , 14th April



Anuradha Koirala , also known as Mother Teresa of Nepal is social activist of Nepal who has been actively involved on saving trafficked girls from being sold in India . Anuradha Koirala , often called as “Dijju ” which means sister , founded a social organization named “Maiti Ghar ” that has been conducting wide range of social services such as rescuing trafficked girls , apprehending traffickers , organizing social awareness program , women empowerment , training , and providing anti-rectro viral therapy to those affected by HIV AIDS.

Ms Koirala was honored as CNN Hero of the year and has won many international and national honors for her work .Her effort has brought huge change in the society .The girls trafficking rate has substantially reduced and government now recognizes 5th September as anti-trafficking day. She was also appointed as former assistant state minister of women children and social welfare as honor to her contributions.


Early Life

Anuradha Koirala was born in 14 April , 1949 . She was born as first child to Colonel Pratap Singh Gurung and Laxmi Gurung .She belonged to educated family and therefore she pursued her education from St.Joseph Convent School. She says, mother and sister in her school motivated to do social work.

She regards Mother Teresa as her huge inspiration .She spent her 20 years teaching in schools in Kathmandu.

Anuradha Koirala was married to at very young age .Their relationship did not work well as she suffered from domestic abuse from her husband .She believed the domestic abuse was the sole reason she had to miscarry her baby three times . She felt hopeless and tortured each time. So , She left her husband .She had no where to go .The only place where a women , at that situation ,thinks to go is “Maiti ” .But unfortunately , some women are even thrown out from Maiti .That’s when Anuradha felt a need of organization which would support and shelter those women .

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Maiti Nepal and its existence

It was April 1993 , Anuradha Koirala started  ” Maiti Nepal”  in small house in Kathmandu with her own savings. Maiti Nepal refers to ” Mother’s home “.With aim of empowering women and saving them from Domestic violence and trafficking , Maiti Nepal was born .Koirala , with her own income , initially started up the organization and helped eight women , who were victim of domestic violence , open their own shop and be independent. The network grew and UNICEF decided to support the organization .This is how Maiti Nepal grew from small house organizations to multi-network/branch organization.

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Maiti Nepal now has various branches and wide range of services .It’s vision is a society free of sexual and other types of exploitation against children and women .It has been actively working on to make their vision/goal come true .It is conducting various activities including social awareness , counselling , participation , skill development , women empowerment etc. It saves girls from being trafficked and also saves trafficked girls from brothels in India. After saving them , as they are not accepted in own dogmatic society , Maiti Nepal shelters them and counsel them , give them new life .

Koirala says , her organization has been giving impact on society and she’s happy to bring some change in the society from her side .She also says her happiest day will be when Maiti Nepal cease to it’s existence as it will be the day , society will be free from human trafficking and domestic violence .




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