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The awesome total solar eclipse that Nepal missed !! (With video)


The total solar eclipse occured in 21 August 2017 in United States ,the biggest eclipse of the century . The total solar eclipse was seen in United States starting from Oregon witnessing its first at 10:45 and then Idaho Falls in 11:20 .The total eclipse turned the day to night for few moments and leaving everyone in excitement .The total eclipse followed from west to east ending on South Carolina west.

The totality brought darkness in the day making night in daytime .The totality followed a diamond ring where the rays of the sun peeked from making the form of diamond ring .

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The total solar eclipse was witnessed by US residents as the Asia was having a good night time then .We missed the one in the century solar eclipse .But no worries , the science and technology has allowed us to watch the solar eclipse even by staying on home at night time from online NASA live broadcasting .

Watch the recorded video :





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