Axata Adhikari Biography

Name :- Axata Adhikari

Date of Birth :- 1999 Dec 09

Alma mater :- Ideal Model School, Kathmandu, Nepal

Occupation :- Singer

Axata is young , beautiful and talented singer who came into spotlight after being featured in Kripa unplugged (Junior) .She performed a cover on one of his grandfather’s song “Timile ta hoina ” which has over  1 million views. Axata is granddaughter of great lyricist Late Kshetra Pratap Adhikary.



Axata was born in 1999 Dec 09 and studied in Ideal Model School, Kathmandu, Nepal.After being featured in Kripa Unplugged , She was then featured in Dashain Tihar song which generally received criticisms for remixing deusi bhailo song but Axata’s vocal was appreciated so far .Axata received alot of comments about her teeth and maybe that’s why she thought to go for braces ..(She might have  put it for her personal satisfaction though)


Her first official music video ” Sochirahechu ” released and bagged her Best pop vocal female nominations in 18th Tuborg Image Award .Axata also released her second music video “Aalop ” in flashmob style .

We wish Axata all the best for her future 🙂

Facts of Axata That you mighnot know

  • She is grand daughter of great lyricist Late Kshetra Pratap Adhikary.
  • She won award with her collab with Aman
  • She has small brother .

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