Ayushman and Paramita are no longer together …But why ?




The cutest couple of the industry , Paramita and Ayushman Joshi are no longer dating each other .The actors who together debuted from Chapali Height as both onscreen and off screen couple were dating for about 4 years with a break in middle .The chemistry of these two were highly appreciated amongst the fans and were even regarded as Couple Ideals (Goals ) . They both seemed serious about each other and made us believe in true love .But the recent news of Ayushman and Paramita has shocked everyone .Most of them termed it us FAKE news .But , sadly , it is confirmed that ‘s true.

They both have stopped following each other in Social medias and have deleted their photos .Paramita confirmed her break up with Ayushman Joshi and admitted that they have not talked each other for weeks .

Paramita and Ayushman had hook ups and patch ups before too …Every relationship faces through it .On recent online interview , Paramita said that they broke up to focus on their career ..But that’s lame cause to break up when both have same career in filmy industry .

On  top of that this is what Paramita shared in her profile when the break up rumors came in …



The reason for their break up is unknown and is so unexpected.People term the cause for their breakup is Priyanka Karki .Ayushman and Priyanka has been close since they have covered some of the songs together .They are now working together for a new project “Katha Kathmandu “.Their closeness and level of comfort with each other can be seen in their latest cover release ..


Here are some assumptions that Priyanka Karki might be the cause :

  • Priyanka and Ayushman closeness with release of cover songs ..
  • Priyanka is close to Ayushman’s mother , Raveena Desraj Shrestha.
  • On a interview , Ayushman admitted he respects Priyanka Karki and would accept her as girlfriend if she proposes her ..(The question was random though )
  • Priyanka enlists Ayushman in Top 10 men she loves .


Still  the fact isnot clear .Ayushman has given no reaction of break up from his side . 


UPDATE :- It is now confirmed that Ayushman and Priyanka are having unofficial love affair !

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