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Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi Biography 


Name :- Ayushman DS Joshi
Date of Birth :- December 17
Height :- 6 ft 1 inch
Star sign : Sagitarus
Debut :- Chapali Height 2
Occupation :- Model , Actor , VJ

Ayushman is VJ , Model and Actor debuted from Chapali Height 2. Ayushman is one of most popular and potential new age actor . Before debuting as actor , Ayushman was well known VJ of Kantipur Gold . He is also known for his cover songs . Ayushman’s popularity skyrocketed after release of Chapali Height 2 where he astonished everyone with his performance .He is expected to be next king of Kollywood !


Personal Life

Ayushman was born in Kathmandu in December 17 , 1993 . He did his schooling from Rato Bangala School .He is elder song of Bhaven Man Joshi and Raveen Desraj Shrestha .His long name ” Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi ‘ goes after name of his father and mother .However , his legal name is Ayushman Joshi . He has brother Aashirman Desraj Shrestha Joshi who is also debuting film line with Gangster Blues .

Ayushman loves singing and he has covered some of songs including Basanta by JPT rockerz , Its you by Zayn Malik etc ..He has his official youtube channel Ayushman Joshi  where he uploads most of his cover songs .He loves tatooo and has pierced tattoos .He has also has his lips pierced .He says one’s personality cannot be judged by one’s appearance .So , he neglects the conservative thoughts of society on tattoos and piercing .He believes one must do what one wants regardless of what other say..He is also a good sketcher.He has degree in fine arts.

Ayushman is optimistic person .He regards her mother and her ex-girlfriend Paramita  as major supporter and inspiration.


Early Career

Ayushman entered to media as VJ in Kantipur television .He hosted two programs , Global Beats and Hollybollywood .He started having many female fan followers since then .He also indulged in some modelling projects but got major achievement in modelling sector after winning ” En Vogue House of Fashion 2016 “. He also did some music videos such as Samaya by Parker Limbu …

Ayushman is also popular youtuber . He is blessed with amazing vocal .He is best known for his cover songs .His popular  uploads are Nischal by Albatross , Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus , Basanta by JPT rockerz . He also uploads his Vlog in his channel .Recently , Ayushman has been collaborating with Priyanka Karki for cover songs like Maya ta Mayai ho and Like I am gonna lose you .He has totally gotten to it !!

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Relationship , Affair and Rumour

Ayushman was in open relationship with Paramita Rana .They both have open their relationship in media and it’s stated to be 4 years of relationship with breakup in between. They  both were in serious relationship and were even regarded as couple goals !! But , they broke up .Before Paramita, Ayushman was in relationship with Rojisha Shahi who is debuting with his brother , Aashirman in Gangster Blues.




Ayushman broke up with Paramita and is in unofficial relationship with actress Priyanka Karki . Sources say , he and Priyanka stay close during their shoot .The two fellows became close by covering songs together .



Ayushman was supposed to debut earlier but he rejected his project due to his studies .He completed his study and debuted Nepali film industry with bang ! Chapali Height 2 had mixed reviews but Ayushman’s performance was critically acclaimed . Ayushman and Paramita actively involved themselves in promotion of the film but the lead actress Mariska Pokharel was rarely seen in camera .This rumored to have some fishy with relationship of Ayushman and Paramita and the crew with Mariska .Later , they clarified there is nothing like that and Mariska was too busy  to attend the promotions.

But the fact that Chapali Height 2 skyrocketed Ayushman’s popularity cannot be denied .He was compared and regarded  a tough competitior to Anmol KC .


Being as one of most followed Nepalese in Instagram and rising online stars  , Ayushman is next big thing for Kollywood !!


Favorite Food :- Chicken

Favorite Film :- Karan Arjun

Favorite Super Hero :- Superman

Celebrity Crush :- Victoria Secret’s Model , Candice

Favorite Country :- Iceland

Facts of Ayushman You mightnot Know 

  • Ayushman is popularly known as Yatzee , which he derived it from a Chinese word .
  • Ayushman was very fat in child.
  • Ayushman smokes..
  • He is fond of cycling .
  • Aayushman loves Chicken alot , in fact he takes more chicken curry compared to rice.
  • Ayushman has covered a song Maya ta Maya ho with Priyanka Karki and has his official YouTube channel for cover songs.
  • Ayushman terms himself as outgoing introvert , an ambivert.
  • Ayushman was once so drunk that he got out of pants .He also kept roaming around Pokhara telling “I love you ” to every person he met.



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