Ayushman DS Joshi paves his way to Bollywood

Ayushman DS Joshi , who debuted from last year blockbuster film Chapali Height 2 , has paved his way to Bollywood .He has signed a contract with India’s prestigious talent management company TOABH management company .Ayushman was well acclaimed for his role for the film and was awarded “Best Debut Actor ” of the year .

According to Raveena Desraj Joshi , his mother and personal manager , He signed the contract with the company on Monday and would be returning to resume his shooting for his second film Katha Kathmandu .Raveena Joshi says that he is proud of his son as Ayushman has signed a contract with such reputed agency . She says that Ayushman will be soon doing model assignments and even films.


The agency is strict to its contract , however has allowed Ayushman to travel Nepal to finish his film .Katha Kathmandu will release this year.


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