Bartika Eam Rai Biography

Name :- Bartika Eam Rai

Height :- 5 ft 2 inch

Weight :- 105 pounds

Residence :- New York , USA


Bartika Eam Rai is a writer, a radio jockey, a teacher and also a pageant winner but currently, she is mostly known for her singing/ song writing for the  album “Bimbaakash”. Her song “Khai ” included in the album is grabbed immense popularity and appreciation for the beautifully written lyrics and her vocal skills in the song .

Personal Life

Bartika Eam Rai currently lives in Woodside , New York .She is 5 feet 2 inch and weigh about 105 pounds. She calls her mother “Aamaji” . She says Aamaji is fond of  literature and is pioneer in Nepali vocabulary .She says its her Aamaji who teached her the vocabulary that she used in her songs .

Music career : Bimbaakash The Making

Bartika was always passionate about singing .On her college days , She used to perform in annual functions and program .She never thought of being a professional singer but as her passion and  destiny brought her as growing and potential singer in Nepali Music Industry.

In 2012, She had started working on music collaborations with her closest people in Kathmandu. She started composing the songs on her own .She says the songs that make up Bimbaakash are songs ,  She had for a range of three years.

As for her real journey ,She got in touch with Diwas Gurung   in late October 2015 .She introduced her songs to him, to which he seemed genuinely interested. Once he agreed to put some time into this, She sent him raw acoustic versions of the songs that she had recorded with  USB mic on her computer. Diwas Gurung added suitable tracks to the song and Bartika had her first digital album “Bimbaaakash” which released on March 2016.

Her album Bimbaakash has following tracks :

  • Khai
  • Timi ra Ma
  • Bimbaakash
  • Najeek
  • Hawaijaahaaj
  • Timro Lagi

Out of which , Bartika says Timi ra ma is the oldest composition of all .She had composed it 3 years before the album released with hope someday she would be able to sing infront of all .She had sung this song in front of her friends .

After receiving positive feedback for her music , She is more motivated and is currently working on Music Video of her popular song ” Khai “

Listen the song here :-

Modelling and Miss Nepal US

Bartika Rai was crowned as Miss Nepal US 2013  held at Queens Theater in New York  on  August 17, 2013. She had also worked with ECS Media and Navyaata magazine.


Lesser Known Facts about Bartika

  • She was crowned Miss Nepal USA in 2013
  • She worked as writer in Navyaata and ECS magazine.
  • She is also a blogger .
  • She sings at Himalayan Yak Resturant in NY.
  • She is huge follower of writer Haku Murami and Kurt Vonnegurt
  • She loves writing experimental fiction.

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