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    Rabi Lamichhane Biography

    Name : Rabi Lamichhane  Date of birth : Birth place : Nagarkot, Bhaktapur Occupation : TV presenter ,host What makes him glamorous : Guineas World record for longest talk show   Rabi Lamichhane is Nepali Tv presenter who has set guineas world record on longest talk show on topic ” Buddha was born in Nepal…

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  • Nepali Social Workers

    Kulman Ghising Biography

    Name :- Kulman Ghising  Date of birth :- N/A Birth place : Mahankal , Nepal Education :- Tribhuwan University Known as :- NEA managing director    Also Known as Light of Nepal , Kulman Ghising , Managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority eradicated decadess long loadshedding in Nepal .Loadshedding for Nepalese was foe and friend back then . To…

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  • Nepali Social Workers

    Anuradha Koirala Biography

    Name :- Anuradha Koirala Birth date :- 1949 , 14th April Birth place :- Kalimpong , India   Anuradha Koirala , also known as Mother Teresa of Nepal is social activist of Nepal who has been actively involved on saving trafficked girls from being sold in India . Anuradha Koirala , often called as “Dijju…

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  • Yea dnt knw y ppl r so jealous of him. Every1's gud in der own way y get jealous f odrs. If dey r nt gud enf lik anmol dn dats der own fate n its anmol's gud fate dat he's born 2 star family vit gud luks n talent. Its reali disgusting dat ppl r mocking at him. N abt film i think its nt his choice hw 2 end films...he just fulfilld his role perfectly. I think v shud b proud f him for bringing fame 2 nepali industry.. n in evry movie he has fulfilld his role. N i say der's no defect on his acting skills. Its reali pfct. N ofcourse he has been improving mur n mur. He's famous dn odr actors nt cz he's son f bhuwan kc..most ppl dnt evn knw his dad..he's famous cz f his own talent n luks. So guys chill... if ua reali jealous go n compete vit him wethr u cn wrk hard s him or nt in sch a young age.sorry haters.. bt dis is da fact. Wen ppl r nt successful demslf dey start putting odrs dwn.. lol

    by Chandra m.mizer Anmol KC haters went this far to troll him .

  • The way you see like a twinkling star. It makes me a price that you are from gurung community

    by aishma Gurung Trishala Gurung Biography

  • Trishala gurung I really like your style and the way you sing in am your Great fan. In my coming future generations I just want to be like you.

    by aishma Gurung Trishala Gurung Biography

  • Hey... Im in love this boy Salin ? He is Soooo #Cool ???

    by Uma Subba Salin Man Bania Biography

  • He looks very promising actor w.All the very best.?

    by Amrit Shrestha Aakash Shrestha Biography

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