Chase for 2 rupaiya begins , 2 rupaiya trailer released !

Nischal Basney starrer movie 2 Rupaiya has released its trailer in Youtube .The movie will star Nischal Basnet in lead role along with Asif Shah , Buddhi Tamang , Rabindra Jha , Menuka Pradhan and Tika Pahari . The movie is written by Asif Shah and Aashish Regmi and directed by Asim Shah .The movie had previously released its  movie song Kutu Kutu that was blockbuster in Youtube.

The movie is a story about two friends who  dreams to earn a lot of money by hook or crook and gets entangled with problems when they lost Rs 2 .The 2 rupaiya is key for them to be millionaire .The chase story begins for 2 rupaiya .

The trailer looks promising with unique type of story. The film is releasing from Bhadra 23.

Watch it here

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