CNN list Nepalese as one of the coolest nationalities of the world.

CNN recently published the list of 12 Coolest Nationalities of the World in its website .Brazilians topping the list has become World’s Coolest Nationalities .Following Brazilians , Singaporeans and Jamaicans made it to top three in the list . Ahead Turks and Belgians , Nepalese are on 12th spot in the list .

CNN says the thing that makes Nepalese cool is their sacrifice and helping nature . It has mentioned our brave Gurkhas and Sherpas who are icon of bravery and coolness , of course .

As icon of cool , CNN mentions Tenzing Norgay , who reached the MT.Everest with Edmund Hillary , but casually steps aside and let him take all the credits .

CNN also points  Draconian government regs and local ne’er-do-wells turn off fair amount of travelers as not so cool factor on Nepalese .

Here are the 14 Coolest Nationalities of the World :

  1. Brazilians 
  2. Singaporeans
  3. Jamaicans
  4. Mongolians
  5. Americans
  6. Korean
  7. Spanish
  8. Japanese
  9. Botswana
  10. Chinese
  11. Australians
  12. Nepalese (WOHOO~~~)
  13. Belgians 
  14. Turks 

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