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Damaruko Dandibiyo drops it’s official trailer : A struggle to revive Dandi biyo .


Dandi biyo ..? Never heard before ? .. Dandi biyo was national game of Nepal till the government replaced it with the volleyball . With the replacement , the game started to lose it’s value and is disappearing slowly . With the strong content and to promote the former national game , The movie Damaruko Dandibiyo was made . The movie has dropped it’s amazing trailer featuring Khagendra Lamichhane , Menuka Pradhan , Anup Baral and Buddhi Tamang.

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The trailer shows a man named Damaru travelling back to his village to revive the forgotten game Dandi Biyo .His father , who was once best dandi biyo player , opposes his decision . Damaru is left no option to defeat his father to pursue his dream .

The story of the movie is unique and to the fact has a strong message hidden seems to be watch worthy movie . The movie is written by Khagendra Lamichhane . The film is directed by Chetan Gurung and produced by  Binod Gurung & Norbu Tshering Ghale.

The film is all set to release in Baisakh 21 , 2075 / May 4 ,2018.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think ..




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