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Dhiraj Magar Biography



Name : Dhiraj Magar
Birth date :- September 10 , 1995
Age :- 21 years
Height :- 5 ft 11 inch
Current Location :- Didcot , UK
Debut :- Intu Mintu Londonma 




Dhiraj Magar is popular youtuber and upcoming actor debuting the film arena with Renasha Rai’s Intu Mintu London opposite Samragyee RL Shah. Dhiraj was already a known public figure .He was known for  for his reaction videos on Korean pop music videos . He was born in Nepal but has spent most of his lifetime in UK .He is living in Didcot , UK.


His YouTube journey 


Dhiraj joined youtube in July 6 2013 to do some reaction videos , challenge videos and some comedy skit.However , his popularity skyrocketed through Korean music video reaction videos .He reacts the music videos of popular Korean musicians. He has 112,929 subscribers till date and is increasing .He is huge Kpoper and BTS is his bias .He wish to see them live and get noticed by them.

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How he got role in the film ?

Dhiraj had  attended a premier of Bir Bikram  in London and that’s when he met Bibek Limbu .But slowly they got close with each other .That’s when Bibek Limbu asked if he was interested in doing movies. Dhiraj was initially not interested but he was convinced by the script and thought to go for it !


He says in his social media, 

Seems like it was just yesterday I attended the premier of this guy’s debut movie in April 2016. But back in October is when we first talked when he walked up to me and said “Hi bro, are you interested in acting and movies?” And then the rest is history. He went from being an actor I saw in a movie to being my best friend and a co-star in a movie in a matter of months.
I would have never thought that the same guy I saw walking on the red carpet at the premier will go onto being so close to me.
We have already worked so hard for this movie and there’s still a lot more work to be done. But we know that we can achieve great things if we are together.






  1. Sukman Subba

    Bro….I came to know you today only after seeing your interview on YouTube regarding Intumintu Londonma. Your interview was awesome and your ability to be lead actor as well. You are fit for it from my point of view. I like your both Nepali and English accent. I’m your fan from today onwards. So good luck ahead bro. I hope to see you soon on screen and wanna keep contact as well….

  2. Lauren Risser

    Hi you have a user friendly site It was very easy to post I am impressed


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