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Gaaja Baaja trailer released starring Sushil Sitaula , Anupam Sharma and Barsha Siwakoti


After long struggle and dispute with the Censor board , The film Gaaja Baaja has finally received permission for the screenings . The film was on the dispute for the use of Gaaja word in the film title . The film is written and directed  by Ganesh Pandey . The film is on controversial topic , Gaaja aka weed , which has been legalised in USA but still is illegal in Nepal .

The film is produced by Lokesh Bajracharya and stars Sushil Sitaula , Anupam Sharma and Barsha Siwakoti in lead roles.

The film has recently released its trailer . The trailer gives the feeling of reality of the teenagers these days .Too much use of rough words seems the film still will have conflicts to censor such words . The YouTube has no censorship so such words are used freely . The trailer revolves around the story of two young boys : Sushil Sitaula and Anupam Sharma on their life and struggles .  Barsha Siwakoti shares  less than a minute screen time in the trailer and her role cannot be justified yet.  The film seems to be comedy with some action.

The film has marked Falgun 25 as its release date.




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