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The wedding ring by Dibyata Vaidya is so inspiring !!


Story Yellers is an initiative project that gathers stories from people from different fields . They  believe that every storytellers has story which is worth sharing and can be inspiring . It is the platform where people from different fields share their amazing inspiring stories . On this, Miss Nepal Earth 2015 Dibyata Vaidya  shared her inspiring story in Story Yellers . She stand upon a stage to share her inspiring story “Wedding Ring ” amongst all the viewers .

Dibyata Vaidya  believed wedding ring as symbol of everlasting love .But one day , she found missing wedding ring from her loved one . She was confused and confused .Unknown to the fact that this particular missing ring would teach her valuable lesson in her life.

Vaidya was born in middle class family with his father as only bread winner .His father all the financial burden on his arms to feed the family of 5 . It was 2005 , Dibyata was in class 5 and her sister was in class 3 .Her youngest sibling wasnot born yet .It was raining heavily after school .They had their raincoats and they couldnot go home because their white canvas shoe had hole in it .They feared they will soak their socks and feet in the rainwater due to the hole in the shoe.They stayed there for while and then , got idea to wrap their shoes in polythene bag .However , they couldnot protect their socks and feets .Their socks soaked all the rain water and her feet was cold and wrinkled .They were angry at father who couldnot afford a new pair of shoes .Everytime they asked for new shoes , he would say he will buy tomorrow and that tomorrow never came .

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Days passed on , Dibyata’s family grew from 4 to 5 members and still his father was the only bread winner .Dibyata was studying in bacheleor’s level .Studying bachelor level is expensive .But his father tried his best to admit his daughters in best schools and colleges of the town . She got admitted to one of finest college in town but her father had always headache to pay the college fees .Her friends always used to have admit card and she would be the last to recieve due to her outstanding fee .She felt ashamed and embarrased .She felt she was the unluckiest girl in the world .She was angry with her father .But his father managed to pay her all fee somehow .

One day , she noticed that his father’s wedding ring was missing from his finger .His father had been wearing the ring for last 23 years .She was suprised and asked her mom about him .Her mom replied that his father had to sell his ring to pay off the fees .Dibyata was heart broken and cried all night .

She wanted to do something on her own .She filled the application form for Miss Nepal and got selected .Her father was happiest person on the earth .He distributed sweets to neighbourhood and bought newspaper that had Dibyata’s photo in it .She said he has not changed his profile picture of Dibyata being crowned as Miss Nepal Earth 2015 till the date .She felt she was blessed to have father like him .

dibyata father

One day , Dibyata went to Mustang .She was walking her way to Jomsom .There she noticed couple of students who were walking to school .They were wearing rough clothes and they were wearing thin slippers in that stony road .That slipper reminded her of her white canvas having hole .She felt she was unfortunate kid in the world . Then they were , the couple of students who did not complaint at all but were happy on what they had .

Then , she met a girl who had lost his father at the age of 22 who told her how lucky she was to have father beside her .She realized she had taken his father for granted all these years .She cursed him for not fulfilling her wish and dreams .She felt as if she was the unfortunate kid in the world .But she realized how lucky she was to have her father who would sacrifice his wedding ring for her happiness .

The story is inspiring and we all have faced same situation in our life .This is our story .We put blame on our parents for not fulfilling our wishes but have we thought and see things from their side ? .They are going through lots of things for us .They don’t deserve our tantrums and anger for not fulfilling our wishes. We owe them alot . We cannot give them back what they have given to us .But Just four words , “I love you Father/Mother” are enough to give them love , courage and respect they deserve .

Story yellers has been bringing stories to people , the stories that are cocooned to themselves. Check out more of their inspiring stories in their youtube channel The Storytellers.

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