Jharana Thapa all set to produce A mero Hajur 3 .

After huge success of A mero hajur  , Jharana Thapa is preparing to make third sequel of A mero Hajur 2 . However , Jharana was on her preparation for her movie namely Bhagwat Geeta , a interesting love story between a guy named Bhagwat and girl named Geeta . She says the script for the film is almost finished .The script is written by Harihar Adhikari .

However , Thapa says she would giving more priority for A mero Hajur 3. She said she had no initial plans to make the sequel but since many people are looking forward to it , She is all set to produce A mero hajur 3. She says the film will be produced under SK thapa production.

Though the actors for the film has not been finalized , Thapa said there is high possibility that she would cast Salin Man Bania for her upcoming venture . The official announcement is yet to be made.

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