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When Jyotsna Yogi was asked to show her boobs .Here’s how she reacted !


Nepalese Actress are bridging their gap between them and fans through facebook live where they interact with their fans .But there are some cheap minded people who take this interaction more of as opportunity to harass actress .Same thing happened to Ma ta Timrai hoon famed actress Jyotsna Yogi .She was interacting and replying all of the fans message in facebook live when suddenly a message came up saying ” Boobs dekhaunu na ” .This message agigated Jyotsna  .


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Come on , who would not be ? How can someone be so shameless to message such thing on public live chat .Not just public live chat , how can someone even message like that ? Maybe the guy was trying to get attention or just harrassing her .Jyotsna didnot sat back .She was harassed with such messages before too .She ignored it back then .She had warned that she would screenshot the message and upload sothat whole world could see how cheap mentality he has .

And she did it ! She took screenshot and uploaded it to the facebook and it is viral now , being uploaded in various pages .The man that humiliated Jyotsna is now being humiliated nationally .Jyotsna has taken a major step to those who humiliate girls .She  proved we are not gonna take it , we will stand for it .



Jyotsna has strong personality .She once in interview said that She was once pinched on her butt by unknown person who smiled at he like pervert .She slapped him so hard that he could barely smile .We , girls need to learn something from Jyotsna .We should not take such things easily but fight back .That’s how we can stop it from happening !





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