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Karma Shakya Biography


Name :- Karma
Other name :- Mahesh Shakya
Date of birth :- N/A
:- Kathmandu
:- Sano Sansaar

Karma aka Mahesh Shakya is one of promising actor of Nepalese film industry. Best known for his role in Sano Sansaar , loot and lukamari , Karma is one of underrated artist of the industry .Rising star from theater , Karma prefers theater over Films .

Karma was born in Kathmandu. When Karma was one and a half years old, His father left for United Sates. After that Karma spend most of his time at a hostel. Whenever he had holidays, which are rare in a residential school, he used to live in his mama ghar with his mom. He  also used to spend a considerable amount of time with my beloved mama. He was a very shy kid. Karma studied in St. Xaviers School and went to Pune to pursue his higher studies.

Karma was always passionate actor.Having known his interest in theatre, father of St.Xaviers urged him to join Gurukul. He had heard of Naseeruddin Shah performing in the institute when he was in Pune, and he thought that was impressive. His father and he payed a visit to Gurukul and their performance of a play called Baal Bhairav blew him away. He then started  his acting career.

He says once he came across a newspaper clipping of Quest Entertainment that said they were looking for actors and it brought a lot of excitement all over Gurukul. It was a tedious process of sending CVs, photographs from different profiles and their likes, but since he was planning to go abroad, he thought he’d give it a shot.
After applying, he  was called for the first round of selection .He was selected as main lead.And he got breakthrough from his debut movie Sano Sansar. He then played many movies .

Karma is one of the actor who brings variation in the movies.He has done movies like Visa Girl , Suntali , Loot , Lukamari and a lot more.He was also featured in Newari film , Patachara opposite Malina Manandhar.

Facts of Karma You mightnot know

  • Karma terms himself as accidental actor.
  • He owns a attic and handles family business.
  • He actively participates in social activities and events.
  • He is about 50 year old.
  • He is theatre artist .
  • He is singer aswell .He also  sang a song in his feature film Lukamari.

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors 🙂




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