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Kulman Ghising Biography


Name :- Kulman Ghising 

Date of birth :- N/A

Birth place : Mahankal , Nepal

Education :- Tribhuwan University

Known as :- NEA managing director 


Also Known as Light of Nepal , Kulman Ghising , Managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority eradicated decadess long loadshedding in Nepal .Loadshedding for Nepalese was foe and friend back then . To get rid of it , was a hopeless dream .But , Kulman Ghising , made them hopeless dream come true .He ended our relationship with hours long loadshedding. He is the unsung national hero of Nepal .

Amidst the corrupted officials , Kulman was able to end the decades long loadshedding that could have ended long back then if loyal officials like him had showed up earlier . 


Early Background and Education

Prior being appointed as Managing director in NEA , Ghising was project chief of Rautaghat Hydroelectricity Project .He has also been Managing Director of Chilime Hydroproject under NEA.He has a major role-play in developing Chilme Hydroproject into Nation’s leading power developing company.

With 22 years of experience in hydro power field , he has professional knowledge on transmission , power generation and distribution on hydro power electricity .He was able to maximize the utility of the available resource in a way that hours loadshedding ended right away in a months  of his appointment as Managing Director.

Ghising hold MBA degree from Ace institute of Management.He also hold Masters in power system engineering from a engineering college in Kathmandu and B.sc in electrical engineering from University in India.



Kulman Ghising was alleged of misappropriation in funds of LED bulb import from India. He hold a press conference and brushed off all his allegations with proof .He shed some tears for being accused of corruption when he fought within the corrupted officials to end load shedding in Nepal .He said that he could have kept quiet and earned millions by increasing the load shedding hours .

On this , #Iamwithkulmanghising trended all over social medias supporting Kulman .




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