Looking back to what happened in Kollywood in 2016

Happy New year 2017 to everyone !! 2016 might have been good year for some of you … average year for some and bad year  for some of you ..Today its end of year 2016 and we are left with some good and some bad memories of the year !!

So how was 2016 for Nepalese Entertainment Industry .?? …Here I have came up with some major things that happened in 2016…

Hope you enjoy the read 🙂

#10 Talented Debutantes

There were so many new faces for the Nepali Film Industry this year . These new debutantes showed up their talent and won heart of many viewers. They were able to give tough competition to their seniors .These debutantes  even gave hope to Nepalese Film Industry . Samragyee RL Shah from Dreams , Ayushman Joshi from Chapali Height 2 , Barsha Raut and Paul Shah from Nai Navannu la 4 , Shristi Shrestha from Gajalu are some remarkable talented debutantes of the year 2016.

#9 High rates for film

People say “There is no scope in Nepalese Film Industry .” But 2016 proved it wrong .Anmol KC charged 20 lakhs for his upcoming project Kri , which is not a joke !!! ..I know we hear of Bollywood actors taking up crores and we might say why to make fuss about it !..But trust me 20 lakh for a Nepali Film is big amount …Not only Anmol KC’s high rate was talk of the town .The high rate of debutante Samragyee for her new project Eh Mero Hajur 2 for 5 lakh was also hot talk ..Later came Dipendra Khanal charging 20 lakh for his new film ” Love love love “.

#8 Blockbuster films

2016 brought us blockbuster movies like Pashupati Prasad , Prem Geet , Gajalu , Chapali Height 2 , Dreams , Chhakka Panja , Jatra , Kalo pothi   that grossed over crores in box office .Chhakka Panja is highest grossing film in Nepal with estimated box office collection of 25 crores followed by Kalo Pothi with estimated collection of 10 crore . Dreams collected about 5 crore , Gajalu 4 crore , Pashupati Prasad 3 crore….and so on.

This brought positive change on Nepali Film Industry .

#7 International Achievements

Kalo Pothi and White Sun was critically acclaimed in Venice Film Festival and other Film Festivals . The films was highly appreciated that they even won various awards .Kalo Pothi was selected for the Oscar Awards Foreign Language Film but unfortunately it didnot get selected .Though , appreciation of Nepali films in international arena is big thing for us all !!!

#6 Controversies

2016 had alot of controversies including Priyanka Karki controversy for the statement ” I have been to UK ,US many times …But its my first time as performer in America “.This statement brought alot of trolls for Priyanka . Another controversial statement was from Sahana Bajracharya for her statement “Ronaldo should consider acting as a career change! #NoOffenseFans #CalmDown ” during Final Match of Euro Cup 2016 was  major controversy !!

Another controversy was from Shristi Shrestha for her rude behaviour with Rude Journalist  (I say it, tit for tat though)

Overall We can say 2016 brought a lot of controversies.

#5 Campaigns and initiations

Priyanka Karki initiated a campaign on social-media harassement .She said  vulger words like bhalu , Randi ko chhori arenot appropriate to use to anyone .If someone hates her , they can simply unlike and unfollow her .Harrasing her or any celebrities with such words are unacceptable . She pleaded to respect celebrities and  their efforts !!

#4 Relationship Rumours

There were so many relationship rumors in K-town .Including proposal of Chhabi Raj Ojha with Shilpa Pokharel  , Relationship of New actors Aakash Shrestha and Jyotsna Yogi , Pooja Sharma and Sudaarshan Thapa , Priyanka Karki and Dayahang Rai , Keki Adhikari and Dhiraj Rai , Paul Shah and Aanchal Sharma  and many more .


#3 Verified Relationships

Though some relationship rumours, we got to know some verified relationship of some actors and actress.

Verified Relationships includes Namrata Shrestha and Dawa Sherpa , Anna Sharma and Sonam Tsering Sherpa , Barsha Raut and Sanjog Malla , Jyotsna Yogi and Rajat Khadka , Paramita Rana and Ayushman Joshi  , Shristi Shrestha and Saugat Malla etc


#2 Break ups

We get to hear some break up stories in 2016..There were Break up stories of Malini Joshi and Anoop Bikram Shahi , Nisha Adhikari and Sharad Veshwakar, Neeta and Amesh , Anna Sharma and Anmol KC weere hot talks of the town.



#1 Marriages

Many Nepalese actress and actors got married in 2016 .This includes marriage of Garima Pant with Hari Sharma , Jharana Bajracharya with Rahul Aggrawal .And the most popular marriage of Ktown Swastima Khadka with Nischal Basnet !!!




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