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Nepali Athlete

Mira Rai Biography


Name :- Mira Rai

Date of birth :-  1989

Birthplace :- Bhojpur

Occupation :- Athlete , Trail Runner

Major Achievement : National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2017


Mira Rai is the  First Nepalese Professional Ultra Runner and the winner of National Geographic Adventurer of the Year . Best known as Queen of Trails , Mira comes from small rural village of Bhojpur .From a poor family in Bhojpur to being a Queen of Trails , this is incredible story of Mira !

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Grown up in village as a eldest daughter of five children , She was expected to adopt a normal village life , fetching water , tending crops and grazing livestock . Unwittingly , her training as a runner began by transporting heavy rice bags up and down the trails from the market .She credits her village lifestyle as beginner to her career .She says she remembers running to forest to cut grasses and graze live stocks .She would run 45 minutes to School . At the age of 12 , she stopped going to school to work for living .

Life was hard. She wasn’t happy with the bleak of future she saw before her .She wanted to do something new .She wanted to pursue different future and there was no chance to pursue new direction to her future in the village .All she could see was grazing the livestock , fetching water and early marriage .

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During 2000s, when civil war struck the country , Maiost Rebel came to village to offer her chance to fight for a better life .That’s when she got a way to escape from daily village life .She agreed for it .But the conflict ended when Nepal signed Comprehensive Peace Accord in 2006s  integrating Maoist Rebels to National army .Mira was disqualified for being a minor .


Instead of returning to village , she headed towards Kathmandu with a coach she met through the Maoist .She continued running and practicing Karate .With  a grade school education , she did not have any future prospects. She was almost broken. In March 2014 , She competed in a marathon held in Kathmandu and was able to beat all the male athletics to win gold medal at 50 km Himalayan Outdoor Festival organized by Trail Running Nepal .

Richard Bull, organizer and founder of Trail Running Nepal recognized rare talent of Mira and helped her to take part in International Competitions held in Italy and Hong Kong .She was able to win gold medal there .She has taken part in dozens of competitions in Nepal , Australia , Italy , Hong Kong .

Mira aspires to break down Gender Inequality in Nepal . “Women in Nepal are told from Young their role is domestic, that big things for men , changing mentality is difficult , says Mira .She recalls her mom calling her boy .She says her mother and grandmother both worked hard but never got respected for what they have done .She says she wants to help more Nepali Women to win and get respected along with her .She wants to break down mentality that only men are capable to do big things .

Mira has been inspiration to all young girls out there .She is a role model and which is why , Nepal Art Organization screened documentary about her life named “Mira Rai ” .Not only this , her inspiring story has now been published into a  Children Book namely “Mighty Mira ” .

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Winning Title “National Geographic Adventurer of the Year ” , Mira hopes to pull some more undiscovered athletics out the hills .She wants to uplift status of women in the village and spread message to women,  chained in domestic works that they have right to dream !!!




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