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Oshin Sitaula Bio
Name:  Oshin Sitaula
Date of Birth:  July 3 , 1996
Profession:  TV presenter
Birth place :  Kathmandu
Birth Sign :  Aries
Height :  5 ft 6 inch
Parents:  N/A
Siblings  Onisha Sitaula (Sister)
Blood Type :  N/A
Relationship Status  Unknown

Oshin Sitaula is a Emcee and Tv presenter of M&S video magazine. M&S  i.e Movers and Shakers , which was a supplement magazine of Kathmandu post before is now a weekly magazine .The magazine issues its fresh edition every friday and its video magazine deals with behind scenes of the cover shoot and so on is released in it’s official youtube channel , M&S Vmag .

Before the video magazine comprises of various segments including behind photoshoot , mns inspire , events and so on .But now separate videos are uploaded in the youtube channel of  which Oshin hosts and beautifully present M&S spotlight and M&S Hunger Hunt.

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M&S Spotlight deals with behind scenes of cover photo shoots whereas M&S Hunger hunt deals with search of delicious delicacies within or outside Kathmandu Valley. Oshin is beautiful presenter with beautiful presenting skills. Oshin is not just an tv presenter but also emcee and has hosted a lot of programs.


Personal life 

As for her family , Oshin Sitaula has younger sister , Onisha Sitaula . She has four members in her family : she , her sister , her father and mother . Oshin says her name is from Japanese word which means mystery and flower . She says she has no idea why her name was kept as Oshin . 

Oshin says she always had been competitive during her school days . She was outstanding student back in her school and has wardrobe full of medals and cups . She is currently in last year for her bachelor degrees . She says she want to persue her education upto PHD level and would never give up on studies just because she stepped into media and is getting fame from it.

Oshin is not early bird . She says she can’t get up early and needs 12 hours of sleep . According to her , As far as she remembers she has seen sunrise just once in 2016 when she went trekking. 


Oshin sitaula sister



Career and Development 

Oshin got a call from a person from Kantipur who asked her to work with them . She was 18 at that time . She had never worked as presenter before and doubted her ability but after getting encouragement from her friends and family , she accepted offer . She says what kept her going was amazing team of M&S team . 

She says she still have stage fear .She had to host a show infront of 20,000 people and she was all naive .But she gained her confidence to face her fear . She says everyone goes through that fear but it keeps decreasing with the practice.

Oshin says she is currently on the lighter side of the media and want to step into more intellectual side in the media and will try to sustain her standing . She says she want to host programs like Fire side with Bhusan Dahal because the content is so strong .She would love to involve herself in content development and bring out new ideas and contents .


Variety Shows 

Oshin hosts the show ” The Hunger Hunt ” and “M&S spotlight ” which is aired at the kantipur television and uploaded in M&S official youtube channel . Oshin is usually the person who takes the interviews but her interview in the popular show ” It’s my show ” earned her so many appreciation for her diplomatic answers and sense of humour .The episode featuring Oshin Sitaula and Robin Tamang is   one of the highest viewed episode that the show has achieved till date .





  1. Philip TAYLOR

    Oddly….I learned of Oshin Sitaula….through a story about Mika Hakkinen of Finland…..and I know his Language.

    Oshin is…….Vahingoittumaton…..which means: Unhurt…..Undamaged……..even from when she went Skydiving for her Birthday.

    Also…it seems to me that Oshin Sitaula is Honest….and Pure.

    I hope you know what I mean………..all the way from The United States.

    Wow….Mika Hakkinen…….Isn’t he Amazing…!

    Wow…..Oshin Sitaula…….Isn’t she Amazing….!

    Yours….as a Gentleman of the USA,

  2. Philip TAYLOR

    Hello again:

    I know many many stories of many Mythological Monsters from all over the World…

    I never want for Oshin Sitaula to be afraid of me.

    You can know me by many many names….even one from the land and stories of Mika Hakkinen…….This name is: Kullervo Voimamainen……..I am also known by this name in the language of Mika Hakkinen:

    Vilppu Räätälinen

    Mika is my friend………….He knows the meaning of these names for myself.



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