Najir Hussain Biography


Name :- Najir Hussain

Birth date :- 7 october

Birthplace :– Simara

Occupation:– Actor

Debut :- Punte Parade


Najir Hussain who is best known for his role in Hostel Returns as Rameshwor is one of versatile actor of Nepali Industry.From Theatre Background , Najir has debuted through short role as Helmet man in Punte Parade . He has  done numerous films like Bir Bikram , Jungee , Gaatho etc.



Childhood ,  Education and Theatre work

Najir was born in Simara .He came to Kathmandu to learn dancing .He has learnt ballet dance and is passionate dancer and writer . Najir holds bachelor degree in Sociology and Literature. Najir was expressive while dancing as well and that’s when his teacher suggested him to join theatre and start acting.He then got his first role in Theatre drama ” Charandas Chor” .He did numerous theatre acts after then.



Najir got his filmy debut with Punte Parade where he played role of a Helmet Man . But Najir got his break through Hostel Returns .His role as Rameshwor Yadav in film was critically acclaimed and most of his dialogues “Akele cha vanera hepeko ”  became  popular .His southern accent in the film was highly acclaimed.

Najir then acted as supporting actor in the films Jungee and Bir Bikram.He got his lead role in the film Gaatho where he portrayed role of a painter with socialphobia. His looks in the film was buzz in the market and he proved himself as a Versatile actor of the industry.


Najir is definately one of versatile and next big thing of Nepalese Film Industry.




Fav.Food :- Chicken 
Fav Color  :-Blue /Black
Fav Actor :-Dayahang Rai 
Fav Actress :-Priyanka Karki

Facts of Najir that you mightnot know.

  1. Najir got his first love letter when he was in Class 11.
  2. Najir was featured as Helmet man in Punte Parade
  3. He is good ballet dancer.
  4. Najir is looking forward to work with Samragyee.There was news for Najir being in Samragyee starer film Ye mero hajur 2 but he isnot in the film.
  5. He is big fan of Dayahang Rai and takes him as his inspiration.

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