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Nischal Basnet Biography


 Name :- Nischal Basnet

Birth place :- Kathmandu , Nepal

Birth date :- January 17, 1981

Profession :- Director , Actor , Singer


Nischal Basnet is synonym to multi-talent and versatility .He is best known as a director and actor in Nepali film industry . He marked his debut direction with “Loot ”  when Nepali films were loosing audience and value , and it turned out to be turning point for Nepalese Film Industry .The move earned more than 5 crore gross and turned out to be highest grossing movie of that time . He then , joined hand with popular writer Khagendra Lamichane for his new project , Talakjung vs Tulke  .The film wasnot that sucessful in the box office but was able to win the hearts of most Nepali .That’s why it was nominated for oscar run from Nepal .

As mentioned Nischal and his versatility  , Nischal proved him as good actor with roles in Kabbadi  and Kabbadi Kabbadi . Interestingly , He was the one who produced the movie and was approached for the role  .The movie broke box office records and established Nischal as producer and actor  .He is now assigned lead role in ” 2 rupaiya “.

Not only this ,Nischal sang and danced in item song of Parva , “Kale Dai ” .He mocked people who used to mock him on his skin tone.He is definately one of the most talented person of the Nepali Industry 


Personal Life


Born in January 17, 1981 in Kathmandu , Nepal , Nischal studied Bachelor in Arts of film studies in Oscar International College .He is orginally  from Charpane ,Jhapa and has been living in Kathmandu for quite few years .

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Always passionate about  Films , Nischal translated his passion of films to career as he felt need of it .Having seen some dissatisfactory nepali films , he felt he can do better job than those petty people who thought vulgarity is key element to film hit .He felt as if Nepali movies were losing value and audience and saw potentiality of Nepalese film industry watching some genuine movies like Kagbeni .He then intended to be a change and went Australia to study film making. 


Relationships and Marriage

Nischal Basnet was that pure man who had no gossips and buzz about affairs in the media .However , Nischal shocked everyone with his marriage with Swastima Khadka .Everyone was shocked with sudden marriage of them as no prior rumours ( except for the one heard just before marriage)  had been in the media.

When asked about their marriage , they said their marriage was  arranged by families  and they  officially met each other after the marriage talk between the families . Nischal says Swastima’s bubly character made him fall for her . He says Swastima is cheerful person and he feels happy being around her. He knew Swastima since they both work in same industry .But they personally knew after dates they went after their family asked them to .Nischal says he had deep feeling from inside that Swastima was the one when he met her. That’s why , he tied knot on 17 February , 2016 married and intended to spend rest of the lives together. They are also seen as Couple Goals .




Making first debut direction : Loot



Nischal wanted to make change in Nepalese Film Industry . So as soon as he returned from Sydney ,He entered Nepalese industry as Production Assistant in film “Goodbye Kathmandu ” , the film that never released .However , Nischal garned his experience in film making and learned some basics of script writing . 

Nischal had his interest on robbery based films and thought to make on based on real event that occured .He was randomly net surfing when he hovered his mouse on articles of robbery in Nepal Banks , the incidents that were popular back then .He then started brain storming on this event , what might be cause ,who might the robbers be , how did they plan the whole robbery .He started to create story on his own and soon a film was generated .He wrote down all his imagination and thinking and gave it a name “Loot ” .He intended to make short film but his colleagues suggested to make it a full length film .That full length film became turning point of Nepalese Industry as Nischal wanted , the film brought huge change in Nepalese film arena.

The film was huge blockbuster !!..The film established some characters which Nepalese audience would never forget .Haku Kale portrayed by Saugat Mall is one of the most popular and loved character in Nepalese Film Industry .The dialogue ,  ” Bal haina Paasa Dimag Lagaa ” became viral .The item song from the movie , “Udreko Choli ” was popular and established actress Sushma Karki .The film made Dayahang Rai , Saugat Malla , Karma Shakya popular and superstars overnight.


Filmy Career

Nischal marked his filmy career with blockbuster loot .His popularity was on the peak .He then teamed up  with Pashupati Prasad famed Khagendra Lamichane in Talakjung Vs Tulke which didnot do well in box office but was able to garner positive reviews .It was nominated for Oscar Award from Nepal .

After that , he made debut as producer and actor in Kabbadi .The film was also blockbuster. Kabbadi established him as actor though he had no initial plan to be actor . He was also seen in Kabbadi Kabbadi , sequel of Kabbadi and will also work for next sequel .As for lead role , Nischal is playing lead role in movie , “2 rupaiya ” .The song featuring Swastima Khadka from the movie is trending  where Nischal is seen dancing with her wife 😛

Lesser Known Facts of Nischal

    • Nischal and Swastima has 14 years age gap .
    • Nischal smokes alot .
    • Nischal used to imitate fight scenes .


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