Prakriti Shrestha and Sudeep Neupane

Honey bunny girl Prakriti Shrestha who turned 23 this year is married to Melbourne boy Sudeep Neupane .At early  20s , Prakriti bonded herself in spiritual bond of marriage with Mr.Neupane whom she assumes Best friend more than just a husband.

A big smile is seen in Prakriti’s face whenever she’s with Sudeep.

Prakriti is best known for her onscreen chemistry with Paul Shah.The fans wanted him to see them as real life couple but in vain , she got married to Sudeep in July .

“People say I am married but I would say I am happily married “

That’s what Prakriti wrote to her Instagram defining a true love relationship between her and her husband.

Prakriti and sudeep

Prakriti and Sudeep were in relationship with Sudeep back from school days .Then she had long distance relationship as Sudeep moved to Australia .She terms long distance relationship was very hard .She entered the movie industry and started being busy with modelling and film contracts .But , then she got married to Sudeep in very secret way , no media , no news !. Most of the people termed it was very young age for Prakriti to marry and end the flight in filmy career that was about to take off. Most of people termed Prakriti married cause Sudip had PR .But Prakriti cleared all this rumour saying that it’s own will to get married and their is no age boundary on it and as for that PR thing , she and Sudeep had terrible long distance relationship .She also said for films , she will be doing it when its possible .

Sudeep and Prakriti has been in relationship for 8 years (as of 2016). They are termed as love birds and Prakriti says they argue , They fight and thats how they become strong each day .

Once rumour was spread about Prakriti’s pregnancy after she uploaded a picture with baby showeer cake .She said she waas dissapointed and agitated with reckless behaviour of media .She said they could have ask her instead making assumptions on Baby shower cake which was brought in mistakenly .

After being married , Prakriti is barely seen on screen. I hope marital status of Prakriti won’t affect her acting career. Prakriti is one of beautiful yet talented actress in the industry.

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3 Responses

  1. Love is life and best life friends

  2. ankita majumder says:

    I love u sudeep and prakriti,I m from Bengal, bt than also I m a very big fan of you people. I mostly like sudeep.don’t mind ha….

  3. ankita majumder says:

    I love u sudeep and prakriti, I from Bengal bt than also I m A big big big and crazy fan of I mostly like sudeep only.,Be happy always

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