Priyanka and Ayushman’s new cover song out on youtube !!!

It’s not been long since cover of Actress Priyanka Karki and Actor Ayushman Joshi on Maya ta mayai ho released on the Youtube. Now both are back with another cover. Their latest cover on Meghan Trainor “Like I’m gonna lose you” has recently been uploaded on Youtube . I bet its more like music video than a cover song .These two hotties have shown their sizzling chemistry in the video and their vocals are praise worthy .

The cover song received both good as well as bad comments .Priyanka karki who started singing after playback song in her feature film Aavaran with Yama Buddha has already released her digital single album “Swatantra ” which was critically acclaimed by the most of the viewers .Then , She started covering songs on collab with some of famous personalities including Ayushman and Nattu Shah . Ayushman also runs a youtube channel where he uploads his cover songs .

Seeing two multi talented hotties sharing song and video is awesome tihar gift for their Fans !!! Here’s the gift for you all .Enjoy 🙂

Click here for the video 

What is your view on the cover song ?

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