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Rabi Lamichhane Biography


Name : Rabi Lamichhane 

Date of birth : September 5 , 1988

Birth place : Nagarkot, Bhaktapur

Occupation : TV presenter ,host

What makes him glamorous : Guineas World record for longest talk show


Rabi Lamichhane is Nepali Tv presenter who has set guineas world record on longest talk show on topic ” Buddha was born in Nepal ” .He stayed on air for more than 62 hours and interacted people on their thoughts on the topic . He beat the previous record set by Ukrainian which was 52 hours long .This act didnot just listed name of Nepal in Guineas record but also caught attention of world that Buddha was born in Nepal . He is currently known best for uncovering truth of general people on media .He is known for his effort to uncover truth and help them to get justice .


Personal life

Rabi Lamichhane was born in Bhaktapur . He moved to USA to persue his higher studies in Journalism .He has degree in Journalism and is currently regarded one of the most popular and best journalist of Nepal . Lamichhane has not revealed much about his personal life . He is kind of person who believes personal life is private thing and shouldnot meddle with professional life especially as for being  a public figure . Lamichhane is reported to be married .









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