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Rapper Sacar rescued and admitted to hospital.Here’s what actually happened.


Nephop Rapper Sacar has been viral in social medias these days .He has been viral in media since he has been talking senselessly in Facebook live video about Nepali politics , people and Nephop in itself .He has been using abusive words online .

He was one of the finest rappers of Nepal . He was participant to rap battle named Raw Barz .He even released his own songs . He was such a fine boy then .The sudden change in Sacar has shocked everyone .People has mentioned that he has been suffering severe depression and mental illness .


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People are in despair on what actually happened to him that he entirely changed .Here is reason what actually happened:

Sacar was highly shocked with Yama Buddha’s suicide .He couldnot believe that Yama Buddha killed himself when his whole career was about to lift up .He was planning for a world tour and was working with Snoop Dog for new song. He was completely devasted .When most of the people were blaming Yama Buddha’s wife for his suicide , Sacar stand up against her saying that that definetly isnot the reason.

After the months , he came live in facebook saying that he knew the reason for Yama Buddha’s death .He said Laure aka Ashish Rana is reason behind the Yama Buddha’s suicide case.He had his reason but didnot tell anyone in detail .Few days later , he uploaded screenshot with his chat with Laure  where Laure was asking 75 lakhs for Rap battle . Sacar bargained the price to 30 lakhs where his mother had already gave advance of 15 lakhs.Then , Balen also add for 30 lakhs . He was desperate on how to collect such huge sum of money.He thought to seek help from people and asked some donation for the battle but he got no donation at all .

Sacar’s mobile screenshot

He was frustrated and depressed.But still , source says he was still positive and was not into drugs.He was telling about doing project with Mista Bling

His totally different behaviour has shocked everyone .He is into drugs , to be precise Marijuana .He has pierced his nose and tatooed himself . He talks in abusive way .He recently bought diamonds for him and Nephop ko Queen .He is talking about Nepali politics , Queen Elisabeth, Gyanendra , Prachanda, Sher Bahadur .He talks on kicking away Australians and making new Nepal there .He has been talking such senseless things since 5 days .

His acts shows he is suffering mental illness .He is currently hospitalized .Mental distress and depression is common problem today .If not treated in time , this can lead to serious problem .

We hope for quick recovery of one of the best rappers of Nepal .





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