Reema Biswokarma Biography


Name :- Reema Bishwokarma
Occupation :- Actress
Birthdate :-   5 August
Birth place  :- Bardiya, Gulayriya, Nepal.

Reema Bishwokarma is Nepalese actress  debuted from the film Swor in 2011.Previously to be debuted as actress , Reema was VJ at NTV and a news caster as well.


Reema was then featured in movies like Visa girl , Ritu and Bhale fight. This beautiful lady is also featured in various music videos like Chhayechha basanta (Shreya Ghosal) , Pokhara ma (Pramod Kharel) and lots more.

“Being beautiful and being actress are two different things .If you think you can become actress just cause your beautiful , give it up “

Reema Bishwokarma


This beautiful lady aspires to become journalist prior Actress. She is bachelor in  Mass Communication from Pinnacle Academy. She had  completed her schooling from Navaratna Secondary School.


In September 27, 2015 Reema got married with NRN Robert Bishwokarma.Many celebs and media personalities attended her wedding despite of scarce in petroleum products and motors.

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