Salon Basnet Biography

Name :- Salon Basnet

Birth date :- January 1

Birth place :- Thankot , Kathmandu

Debut :- Hostel


Salon Basnet is actor best known for his comedy role in Hostel and Gajaluu. Salon is son of popular director Shovit Basnet . Though officially debuting with Hostel , Salon was featured as child artist in the film Nepali Babu at the age of 8 .He was also featured as baby in a film of his father when he was just 6-7 months !!


Personal Life

Salon was born in January 1 in Thankot , Kathmandu .His father is popular director Shovit Basnet and mother is Mira Basnet. He has a sister named Salina .He is close to his grandfather.

He finished his schooling from Bright Future Secondary School .Salon is passionate dancer and he says ,  at age of 5 , he had participated in dance program with his father through which he earned his first income of 11 thousand !!!..He pursued his high school studies in CCRC .He used be punk at his college days .He was also vocalist and bassist in his college band .He then studied BBA in National Account College ,Sanepa.

Salon is rumored to be in relationship with actress Karishma Shrestha .They term themselves as best friends , attend premieres together but deny their relationship with each other.



Salon officially debuted film line with 2013 blockbuster film Hostel .He played role of Junge in the film which was critically acclaimed by the viewers .He debuted along with Anmol KC , Prakriti Shrestha and Rista Basnet .He then was seen with his rumored girlfriend Karishma Shrestha in Luv Sab , marking her debut . His role as Taxi was also loved by viewers .He then was seen in Euta Saathi  and Aadha Page which did not do good in box office.

In 2016 , Hostel boys reunited together in Gajaluu , which was blockbuster . The film was slightly based on Kumari Pratha .The role of Salon as Jayson was highly acclaimed . Most of viewer said Salon was the eyeball of the movie and has just his role .


Facts of Salon you might not know

  • Salon debuted as child actor in Nepali Babu at age of 8
  • His first income was 11 thou which he earned at age of 5
  • He was punk in college .
  • He was once obsessed on going abroad

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