Samragyee tattoo under her breast is going viral.

Well tattoo is definitely not the new trend and tattooing in chest area seems to be trend of Nepalese actress .Samragyee Shah , currently the most popular actress , recently got her tattoo under her breast in Phillipines . Despite the meaning of the Samragyee tattoo isnot clear , it seems to have special message to someone she adores.

Tattoo is not the big issue but the trending issue is the photo of Samragyee tattoo that is going viral in the media . Samragyee is seen smiling with tattoo with her upper breast covered .The tattoo is under her breast area .

Samragyee tattoo


Samragyee is currently in Phillipines for the shooting of her new film Kaira. This film is 5th venture of the actress who is currently most busiest and highest paid actress.

What do you think about her new tattoo ?

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