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Samragyee’s visa rejected : What will happen to Intu Mintu London ma ?


Intu Mintu London Ma is fourth venture of Samragyee RL Shah  .She will be portraying role of daughter of nepali ambassador in London , Mintu . The film will be debut direction of renowned choreographer Renasha Bantawa Rai . A love story about common man and daughter of ambassador , Intu Mintu London Ma is entirely to be shot in London .

Intu Mintu London Ma is one of the most awaited movies that will debuting Youtuber Dhiraj Magar as an actor.He will be portraying role of common man who flies to UK to pursue his dreams , Intu . The film is love story of Intu and Mintu who meet each other in London . But it seems , Only Intu is in London as Renasha Bantawa Rai and Dhiraj magar have already flew to London for shooting but Samragyee is stuck in Nepal as her visa is rejected.

The team had its press conference  last may and had some scenes shot in Nepal and flew to London for shooting . But the main lead actress Samragyee was stuck in Nepal due to delay in visa processing . Recently , British embassy rejected  visa of Samragyee .This has severely affected the shooting schedule of Intu Mintu London Ma .

It seems Samragyee is not the only one suffering from this  issue .Lily bily actress Rebita gurung had also had her visa rejected by British embassy . Lilybily is also planned to be entirely shot in London and Scotland .




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