Saugat Malla Biography

Name : Saugat Malla

Birth date :- June 21 , 1976

Birth place :- Parasi bazaar , Nawalparasi

Debut :- Kagbeni


Saugat Malla is one of the talented , versatile  and popular actor of Nepal .Saugat debuted with 2008 blockbuster Kagbeni directed by Bhusan Dahal but he was on niche after release of Loot 2 in 2012 .His role as Haku Kale was publically acclaimed and his dialogue from the film “Bal hoina pasa dimag laga ” became popular catchphrase for youngsters .


Personal Life

Saugat Malla was born in June 21 , 1976 in Nawalparasi district. He currently lives in Kumaripati , Lalitpur .He gave SLC from St.xavier academy.

Saugat was a passionate actor since his childhood .He wanted to be a actor and take it as a career .His family continuously opposed him not to take acting seriously . He learnt acting from Aarohan Gurukul .He played in acts like Oedipus Rex  and Agni ko Katha .Saugat takes Amitabh Bacchan , Irfan Khan and Nassirudhin Shah as his role model .He grew up watching films of these legendary actors and took them as his inspiration .

Malla is introvert kind of person .He says it’s hard for him to get along with new people .


Relationship , Affairs and Rumors

Saugat Malla was in relationship with Sabita Giri . They were in relationship for 9 years starting back from when they were in hostel in Gurukul . But they broke up with mutual consent .

He was then rumored to be relationship with model Sony KC .However , in media , they termed each other as just friends. But Saugat admitted Sony had once proposed him .

Saugat has now officially open up his relationship with actress Shristi Shrestha. But the trouble started after official announcement of their relationship as Sony KC threatened Saugat to attack Shristi with acid if they donot break up .The case was so serious that Saugat had to seek Police help . For more details , Click here


Filmy Career

Saugat debuted with 2008 Kagbeni which was a blockbuster .He was then casted as Haku Kale in blockbuster movie “Loot ” which skyrocketed his popularity .He was then featured in many movies such as Highway , Utsav , Sooongava , Chhadke , Uma , Katha , Fitkiri etc .He portrayed different characters in the movie and gave justice to his role .That’s what made him called ” Versatile Actor of Nepal “

In 2015 , He was casted as “Bom Kaji ” in sequel of blockbuster film ” Kabbadi ” . He was casted along Dayahang Rai and Nischal Basnet in the film . The film was blockbuster !! In 2016 , He was seen in Lukamari where he portrayed madhesi character .His looks , accent and body language is perfect !! He justified his character perfectly .From rolling the eye ball , being dedhey (I don’t know what’s its called in English ) and speaking in madhesi tone !! Its amazing !!!

2017 awaits for The return of  Haku Kale in loot 2  .His movie Shabdh and Dying Candle are also mentionable movie .In fact , Dying Candle won various International awards . Saugat Malla had several releases including Lappan Chhappan , Fateko Jutta and Mero paisa khoi .



Favorite game :- Hide and Seek

Favorite actor :- Amitabh Bachhan

Favorite author :- BP Koirala

Favorite musician :- Jaggat Ali

Favorite food :- Egg, Fish

Favorite genre :- Hard Rock

Favorite season :- Winter


Lesser Known Facts

  • Saugat is Thakuri by ethnicity ( Most of people mistakes Saugat as newar as there is Newari caste Malla aswell )
  • He suggested name of character as Haku Kale in Loot 2.
  • Saugat Malla finds it difficult to get along new people
  • He loves listening to Hard Rock music
  • He was in relationship for 9 years with Sabita Giri

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