Saugat Malla seeks help from Police after receiving threat for acid attack !

Its not been long since Saugat and Shristi have opened their relationship . Saugat’s official announcement of their relationship has gotten him to serious trouble . He has been receiving threats of acid attack and to kill Shristi from his rumored girlfriend Sony KC.

Model Sony KC was once rumoured to be Saugat’s girlfriend but they both denied it and termed each other as just friends.Sony termed her as his fan .But they accepted the fact that they were quite close to each other and usually meet each other . They constantly denied their relationship and let it pass .Soon , Saugat and Shristi love affair started taking attention of every time but this time Saugat could not hide his relatonship and finally opened their relationship to media .

Now that its official that Saugat and Shristi are in relationship ..His rumored girlfriend Sony seems to insecure about their relationship. Saugat says after it became official Sony constantly calls her and threatens him to kill and attack Shristi with acid.The case has became so serious that Saugat is seeking help from Police and has filed case against her .

As per sources Sony is currently in London and is uploading her pictures with Saugat in social media .Saugat confessed to media he had visited Sony’s apartment twice and she is using that apartment pictures to create misunderstanding between them too .He also added he feels sad for Shristi has no part in all this but has┬áto suffer because of him.

The case has taken a serious direction . Shristi has not talked about this issue yet .Saugat and Shristi are currently shooting for Lalpurja,


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