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Swoopna Suman Biography



Swoopna Suman Bio
Name:  Swoopna Suman
Real Name  Suman Thapa
Date of Birth: Dec 2 , 1992
Birth place :  Kathmandu
Birth Sign :  Aquarius
Height :  5 ft 6 inch (approx)
Parents:  N/A
Profession: Singer
Blood Type : B+
Favorite female singer  Nattu Shah
Favorite  male singer  Narayan Gopal
Favorite food Chicken , French fries
Favorite Show The Ellen Show
Favorite place  Pokhara


Swoopna Suman is popular name in music industry of Nepal  .One of the  crooner artist ,Swoopna Suman is  best known for his songs like “K saro ramri vako ” , “Ae Hello “and  “The coffee song “. He is seen covering songs and is currently signed under Channel Arbitary .

Swoopna’s music journey started from singing Bhajans . When he was in grade 4 , he went to India to learn act plays but returned gaining experience in singing bhajan. There , he had a opportunity to show his vocal skills and got recognition for his singing ability .That’s when he was boosted up to sing and made him realize he actually could sing .Swoopna was introvert type of person and rarely get along with people .On this , he got companion of music .He would rather stay alone in room and  listens to songs than chitchatting with friends. At grade 7 , he started to compose songs too.

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His real musical journey started after SLC when he started practicing guitar on his own and started uploaded his videos in YouTube .He started recognition .He started recording his own compositions under Karma Records .He released his digital album which consist of songs like , K sahro ramri vako , Khulla Aaakash , Mero sano pari and Ae Hello . He says that his songs dedicated to his school crush .The song ” Mero sano pari ” is dedicated to his sister , Supriya whom he lost in Earthquake 2015.


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He had quite a long break in musical field before he was signed under Channel Arbitary .He says , he was working in his new album but due to misunderstanding with Karma Records , he was unable to release his album .He says , he will now release his new album under Channel Arbitary . He recently had released his new single , “The coffee song ” under Channel Arbitary .




Know more about Swoopna Suman 

  • He was inspired with long hair of Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar , that’s when he thought to have long hair .
  • He has huge crush in Katy Perry.
  • He says his inspiration is his mom.
  • He wants to be music director.




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  1. Kushum bhattarai

    U have also inspried me…ur confidence …has given me ..a great focus towards music…thanku Mr.suman thapa sir..nd ur my alwys favirote singer nd love you


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