Top 5 Best Debut Actor and Actress 2073

Year 2073 saw a lot of new faces with potentiality . Putting Top 5 Best Debut actors is not easy as especially when you have bunch of deserving faces to choose from .It’s good to see new talents in the industry giving their best to uplift the standard of Nepalese film industry .

Here I have collected some male debutantes who stepped their baby steps in the industry and proved themselves to be the beam of hope in the industry .They are the next big thing for the industry !!

So let the countdown begin !!!!


Top 5 Best Debut Actors 


5) Manchin Shakya 


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Manchin Shakya debuted from Winner .The film did not do well in the box office but it’s cinematography and action was highly appreciated by the audience .The film introduced Manchin Shakya as a actor .He is best known for her body .His body garnered a lot of appreciation from the audience and critics .He has showed some beam hope to people who complaint about bodies of Nepali actors.


4) Ritik Shahi

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Ritik Shahi debuted as supporting actor from Gajaluu. Gajaluu is the blockbuster film of 2073 starring Anmol KC , Shristi Shrestha , Gaurav Pahari  , Salon Basnet and Menuka Pradhan .He feared at first if he would get lost in the crowd of popular actors .But he says he is satisfied with his work .He has shown up his potential as an actor in the film.He was also assigned in Suspense Thriller “Bracelet “.


3) Aaryan Adhikarii

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Debuted from Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra , Aaryan Adhikari is one of the potential actor of the industry .He was best known for his action stunts and hot body .His acting skill was also appreciated by the critics and the audience .Aryan has his next film “Butterfly ” lined up for release . He is definately one of Next Big Thing !!!


2) Aakash Shrestha



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Debuted from “Ma ta timrooi hoon ” , Aakash Shrestha is best known for his chocolaty looks .Though the film was not that successful in the theater , the film was successful to introduce new potential actor to the industry .Aakash is definitely one of the good looking and potential actor in the industry we can expect from .He is currently assigned to a project “Timi Sanga ” opposite Samragyee Shah .The shooting of the film has almost been completed.


1) Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi


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Debuted with sequel of 2012 blockbuster Chapali Height , Ayushman has already been regarded as a strong competitor to Anmol KC .His good looks has drawn so many female fans and of course , his acting has been highly appreciated .He has done more than a good job in the film to the fact that he is just an debutante .He is now working in his new project ” Katha Kathmandu ” opposite his girlfriend Priyanka Karki .He is definitely one of the next big thing to the Nepali Film Industry !!!


Top 5 Best Debut Actress 


5) Paramita Rana 


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Paramita Rana , a well known model , debuted to the industry with  Chapali Height 2 opposite Ayushman Joshi and Mariska Pokharel .Her bikini scene in the film created huge buzz .Also many people argued she did a fantastic job and gave justice to her role .Her acting skill was highly appreciated .On top of that , Her humble behavior in interview garnered her lots of appreciation and love .


4) Jyotsna Yogi 


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Jyotsna Yogi debuted with Ma ta timrooi  hoon opposite Aakash Shrestha . She proved herself as one of the potential actresses in the industry .The film didnot do well in the box office but her charm and personality made her popular .Jyotsna is also working in a unnamed project .


2) Mariska Pokharel 


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Mariska Pokharel had two film release in 2073: Ke ma timro hoina ra and Chapali Height 2 .She also has small role in Bollywood movie , Yaara .Mariska was appreciated for her acting skills .She is definately next big thing for the industry .She is currently working in a unnamed project .


1) Shristi Shrestha 


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Miss Nepal 2012 , Shristi Shrestha marked her debut with blockbuster film “Gajalu”.She showed up her true acting skills .She portrayed the role of Kumari and gave justice to her role . She is definitely one of the next big thing to the industry .She is fine art of beauty .She is currently working on new project .


Who’s your best Debut actor and actress ? Comment below 🙂

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