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Urstyle new web series Hamro School airs its first episode .Worth watching ?


Just few weeks ago , Urstyle released trailer of its new web series , “Hamro Highschool ” starring Cartoon Crewz Aashma Biswokarma and Saroj Adhikari , Anuska Adhikari , Sneha Poudel , Drishti Shrestha and  Bishwash Budhathoki. The webseries is Urstyle’s first intended web series .The webseries Wrong Time was made after webseries due to its immense popularity and viewers demand .

And it seems , The first Intended Webseries is worth watching . The web series is based on high school life . Basically , about romance , friendship and betrayal , Hamro Highschool is complete teen drama . The webseries is written by Sarin Pokharel and directed by Nitin Chand .


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Aashma Bisowakarma as Malvika

Saroj Adhikari as Ashwin

Anuska Adhikari as Bhagirati

Sneha Poudel as Kavya

Drishti Shrestha  as Honey

Biswash Budhathoki as Sahil

Pawan Shakya as Principal



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Watch the first Episode here !



The drama is overall worth watchy .Acting of Sneha as Kavya and Anuska as Bhagirati is awesome !! To be specific , Bhagirati stole the whole show . Aashma (Malvika ) and Saroj (Ashwin) had average acting but they need to work more hard .The dubbing of Ashma is not natural at all . Also , Biswash as Sahil , Dristhi as Honey and Malvika’s mom had the worst acting .They need to improve their acting . Others were okay .

I think the major flaw of the webseries was the acting .Most of the actors were not natural while acting .To the point , the drama was shot in IMS College , the logo of IMS was seen clearly .It would have been great if they could have blurred it .

But the drama promises love triangle between Malvika ( Asma ) , Aswin (Saroj) and Bhagirathi ( Anuska ) and cat fight between two these girls is to the point .I can’t wait forward to look for next episode !!





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