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VJ Rojisha Shahi and Actor Samyam Puri to give accompany to Anna and Aashirman in Gangster Blues


Gangster Blues is one of the most awaited film of 2017  .The film stars Jerry famed actress Anna Sharma , Newbie actor Aashirman Desraj Joshi and Gaurav Pahari in lead role . The film is currently on pre-production as lead actors are on workshop  , working hard to fit on their respective role .But as the principal photography of the film is getting closer, the film units have disclosed a new actor as another female lead who will be love battling Anna Sharma in the film.

Producer Saroj Neupane  officially announced VJ Rojisha Shahi as second female lead in the film . Rojisha is popular VJ at Kantipur television and also the winner of Miss Nepal Earth 2013.

Just after announcement of second female lead in the film .The film unit disclosed second male lead aswell .The second male lead is none other than Sayyad famed Samyam Puri .

The film units are helding auditions for supporting roles in Mandala Theater Anamnagar in January 9th .

The principal photography of the film is said to begin from Falgun this year .The film has set its release date for Bhadra 24 next year.




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