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Webseries Hamro High School ends with disappointing ending


A popular web series Hamro High School has mark its ending with pitiful scene .The series was one of trending series online but has ended unexpectedly on Episode 7 .The series had awesome opening with good actors , plot and storyline .However , the plot was going boring .There was love triangle excitement between Bhagirathi , Malvikka and Ashwin , the starting of love between Bhagirathi and Rony and love feels with Kavya and Sahil but all in vain .

The actress Anuska Adhikari aka Bhagirathi said that due to some misunderstanding between the crew , the actors have thought to leave the show .She says there would be replacement but they would not be on the show .She added that she would come with another show in another channel .




The ending of Hamro High School has shocked everyone .People were shocked how the story ended without developing any plot at all. The concept of the web series was exciting , the scriptwriter could have done better job if she could go with the flow . Love triangle between Ashwin , Malvibba and Bhagirathi could be good deal with cute love story between Kavya and Sahil and Rony with Bhagirathi .This would be far than enough to make good web series but all in vain .The web series ended poorly with poorly edited bomb blast scene of nowhere .

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They say there would be replacement but its better to end that way rather bring new faces and story with lame story.

Watch the episode here and let us what you think about the ending ..





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