Youtuber Dhiraj Magar debuting alongside Samragyee in Intumintu Londonma

Youtuber Dhiraj Magar , who is best known as thatdudevlog in YouTube,  is debuting to Nepali film industry . Dhiraj has 112,902 subscribers till date and is best known for doing reaction videos to Korean pop music videos. He has been living in London for quite long .

Dhiraj is going to romance with Samragyee in the film , Intu Mintu London Ma . As the name suggests , the shooting will be done in London .The shooting will start from June 16 .The entire crew will fly to London after finishing some shoot in Kathmandu .The film is said to revolve on two characters , Mira (Mintu) ie, Samragyee and Ishan (Intu) i.e Dhiraj . The film will tell the story of a guy who travels to London from Nepal and falls for Ambassador girl.

The film is going to be produced by Eyecore Films .The film is written and directed by famous choreographer Renesha Bantawa Rai .

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