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Youtuber Nicky Karki sexually assaulted .


The dark side of entertainment industry is being revealed . It’s not been long since Actress Sharon Shrestha accused producer Sunil Rawal . Youtuber Nicky Karki has accused the organiser Sushil Nepal  for sexual harassment . 

Nicky was on her tour  to program for a stage show in North Caralana . She had contacted about whereabouts of the program show with the organiser . On this , organiser told Nicky that she cannot check in early in hotel room and suggested her to stay with his family .He came to receive Nicky in airport and told her to say that she had came all by herself to the hotel. She was confused on why she was told that so .

She reached Hotel and went to room but she figured out that there was no family just her .She was tired so she asked where shall she rest .The organiser replied she can sleep on other side of bed and he would sleep on other side . She felt uncomfortable and she slept on couch . She could not sleep as she feared if he would do anything with her.

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Next day , she had her stage show .She did not tell this to anyone .She had her stage show and was chatting in backstage .Then , the organiser offered beer to Nicky .She denied but organiser forced her to drink beer in his room . She felt uncomfortable . The show  ended successfully on 3 am . Nicky was paid artist . After ending of the show , the organiser came again to Nicky and asked her to take her cheque in his room .

She felt uncomfortable and frightened .She thought to share this incident to someone .She shared her feelings to a sister and she suggested to raise this issue .She then, shared this to program organiser and called the police . The police said they can’t do anything about since there is no physical harassment . The police said that the organising company can sue the assaulter .But Nicki says , till date nothing has been done to punish that guy.

Nicky said this event hampered her   mentally and psychologically . This has reduced  her confidence and that she can no  more easily travel on her own . 

According to sources , The assaulter has now been punished but there are alot more of assaulter who are wandering free despite of the crime because those crimes are not reported . Being harassed and assaulted is not your fault , Don’t pay for others action .Speak up against sexual harassment . Because that’s the only way we can reduce it !




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